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Thomas Anderson Cleveland & Rhoda Holland

Thomas Anderson Cleveland and Rhoda Holland. Thomas was born on 7-26 1818 the son of Joseph Cleveland-B:1791 in Elbert Co. GA. D: Franklin Co. Al. and Martha (Patsy) Meeks B:1792-D: abt 1850 in Tuscaloosa C0.AL. He was first married to Evaline Sullinger, The daughter of James Sullinger and Sophia Elizabeth Cooley(A choctaw indian daughter of TUSHKAMASHTUBBE). Thomas and Evaline had 9 children-William, Joseph, John D, Thomas Cooley, WL, Martha, Sarah, Jane, and Francis. He married Rhoda Holland, the daughter of Edward and Mary Ann Holland, on 2-23-1858 and had 6 more children (WoW). They were Charles Anderson (Former Sherriff of Itawamba County),Benjamin Andrew ( My GGGrandfather) , James Edward, Lila, and Melvina.Thomas Anderson Cleveland died on 10-6-1873 and is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery, in Vina Al.
Rhoda Holland died 4-05-1908 and is buried at Liberty Cemetery, in Salem Community, Itawamba County. The line runs to me as follows: Thomas Anderson Cleveland, Benjamin Cleveland, Alonzo Cleveland, Lemer Cleveland Beam, Dorothy Beam Moody, Don Dulaney. Special thanks to Mona Mills for helping me with this post.

The Following letter was found online from sources deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed.

Dear Sister Elizabeth:
Yours of the 29th Jan. 1873 finally reached me yesterday . . . which I was glad to see but sorrow to hear of the death of Mr. Boland. Being satisfied that you will get this, I will give you all the satisfaction I can. My own health is very bad, and has been for 10 years. Two years ago I gave up all hope of living, but I finally got up, am still able to see after my business in good weather. My medicine and physician bill caused me to sell where I was living and move to where I now live. Rhoda and the children enjoys very good health except spells Rhoda has at times with her head. I have seven children with me yet and they are every one girls but six which is I think good luck for me because I am not able half my time to work at all. I still have my first wife's two youngest children with me, both boys and nearly grown. Rhody has four boys and one girl and makes a good wife and stepmother. Our baby is going on six years old. My oldest son died in the Rebel Army. My oldest daughter married Wm. B. Armstrong after the war and is now living near Bluffton P.O. Pell County, Ark. My son Joseph is there also and well pleased with the country. My second daughter married a Mr. Stanphill [Daniel Pumphry, Sr.], the husband of one of her aunts, who died and left him three children. My daughter lived to bear twins and died, and the children soon followed her. My first wife's youngest daughter then married Mr. Stanphill. She has three children and is doing very well. Brother Jackson was pressed in the Army and died soon leaving a wife and five children, three girls and two boys. The two youngest girls are living with the grandfather and Mother Sullinger. The old man is still able to work and is doing very well. Brother John was in Miss. at the close of the war, but I have no account of him since. I heard after the war that during the war Bro. Castleton moved back to Tuscaloosa. I have very little about our connection. I am in a poor country. Schools are scarce and badly conducted. Society is not good. Provisions are scarce and high. I made some money after the war, but sickness and other misfortunes has caused me to spend it. We had a hard time during the war, but I stayed home. If I can . . . settle my affairs, I expect to go where the children is next fall. I have no idea that I can live long and I want the balance of the children in a better country. So now I shall close by signing my name as your brother till death. Write soon.
Thomas A. Cleveland and family
to Elizabeth Boland.

1860 census
Thos A Cleveland
Age in 1860:
Birth Year:
abt 1820
Home in 1860:
Western Division, Franklin, Alabama
Post Office:
Household Members:
Thos A Cleveland 40
Rody Cleveland 25
Martha Cleveland 18
Sarah Cleveland 16
Joseph Cleveland 12
Francis Cleveland 9
Thos Cleveland 7
John Cleveland 8
Chas A Cleveland 1

1870 Census
Franklin County, Alabama
Township 8 Range 15
Post Office: Burleson
Thomas A. Cleveland 57 GA farmer, 400/715
Rhody 33 AL
Thomas C 16 AL
John L 12 AL
Charles A 11 AL
Mary M 9 AL
James E 7 AL
Benjamin 5 AL
David A 2 AL

next door:
James Holland 40 AL farmer 300/460
Nancy 40 AL
William P. 13 AL
Sarah E 11 ALNancy J 7 AL
Missouri E 4 AL

John Holland 74 TN farmer 500/300
Elizabeth 72 KY


Ken Dulaney said...

Wow! That is a lot of information. It is amazing to me the way they put words on paper those days and also that they seem so "cold".

You are going to need new shoes before long with all the tracks you are making. It is amazing what you are finding. I am very impressed and proud of you. Great job.

It is hard to imagine what people in that time went through.

Dot said...

Don, This is GREAT!! It means so much to me!! It's as if I can go back into those days in my own memory! The letter really brings me into my heritage! Thats how real it is to me!
It was so hard for families to stay in touch in those days,as they moved into other parts of the country. Therefore, after adulthood, many were practically strangers. The part of Thomas calling his Brother-in-law Mr. confirms this . Thanks for all your hard work!!

Heather Cleveland Navarrette said...

Hi, my name is Heather and Thomas Cleveland is my GGGG Grandfather(James Edward is my GGG Grandfather). Thank you so much for posting this information, especially the picture. The military has planted my husband and I in Alabama. Actually, just over an hour from the town you list as Thomas' resting place. I would really like to go and see. If you have any other information on them, I'd love to share with you. I am just beginning my search, so I don't really have much. I hope you still read here!
Thanks again,

Don Dulaney said...

Heather, can you e-mail Don Dulaney at ddulaney34 AT yahoo.com? Would love to hear from you.