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Benjamin Cleveland & Sallie Pearson

Benjamin Andrew Cleveland, son of Thomas Anderson Cleveland and Rhoda Holland,was born Oct. 15,1862 (the beginning of the Civil War) and died Oct. 30, 1942 ( The beginning of WW2). He married Sarah "Sally" Pearson on Oct. 4, 1888. Sally was the daughter of Beanie Pearson and Kizar Johnson, she was born May 18, 1867 and died Oct. 1919. Bennie and Sally are buried at Liberty Cemetary in Salem Community, Itawamba Ms.

Benjamin Cleveland owned a sizeable amount of land in Salem Community, Itawamba County Miss. He was farmer and a store owner and merchant. His country store was located on old old 25(Iuka Fulton Road) on the ridge in Salem Community. Ben also married Martha Conwill . The line to me runs as follows: Benjamin Cleveland, Alonzo Cleveland, Lemer Cleveland Beam, Dorothy Beam Moody, Don Dulaney

Ben & Sallie Children.

Andrew, Alonzo "Lonnie", Luther (twin), Lucy (twin) (Cleveland) Cromeans, Dolphus A., Aaron, Floyd, Bell, Edgar, Dewey

1910 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Towery Store precinct
Ben C. Cleveland 44 AL NC AL farmer, married 21 years
Sally A. MS MS MS, married 21 years, 9 children, 9 living
Andrew G. 20 MS son, single
Lonzo 17 MS son

Luther 14 MS son

Lucy 14 MS daughter
Dolphus A. 12 MS son
Floyd W. 10 MS son
Davey C. 7 MS son
Aaron 4 MS son
Belle 1 MS daughter

1920 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Towery's Store precinct
Ben A. Cleveland 54 AL SC AL farmer, owns land
Martha 50 MS SC GA wife
Floyd 19 MS son
Dewey 16 MS son
Aaron 13 MS son
Belle 11 MS daughter
Floyd Conwill 10 MS stepson

1930 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 1
Aaron H. Cleveland 24 MS AL MS, farmer, married at age 22
Eamer L. 26 MS MS MS wife, married at age 26
Clois W. 11 mo. MS daughter
Ben. A. Cleveland 64 AL GA GA divorced, first married at age 24, retail merchant, general store
Roy C. Cleveland 16 MS MS MS nephew, single, farm laborer

Don Wears Blue Suede Shoes Too!!

This is a picture of Minnie Mae Hood. My dad was Lowell Dulaney, his mother was Pearl Johnson Dulaney. Her mother was Alma Etta Hood Johnson. Alma was the daughter of Harrison H Hood. Harrison was the son of Joshua Harrison Hood and Margret Johnson Hood my (Great Great Grandparents)
The line is as follows: (Joshua Hood- Harrison Hood- Alma Etta Hood Johnson- Pearl Johnson- Lowell Dulaney- Don Dulaney)
Now Joshua and Margret had another son William Harrison Hood. William Harrison Hood was the Father Of this Minnie Mae Hood, Minnie Mae's Son was Vernon Presley, Elvis Presleys father. So Joshua Harrison Hood and Margret Johnson Hoods was Elvis's (Great Great Grandparents). The line is as follows: (Joshua Hood-William Harrison Hood- Minnie Mae Hood-Vernon Presley- Elvis Presley)
So in short I have the Same Great Great Grandparents as ELVIS.
Hat Tip to Mona Mills for putting this information together.

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This Is Ken Dulaney, Sales and Marketing Manager for Alliance Collection Agency in Tupelo Ms. He is, no doubt, a professional in his field that strives daily to excell. I believe I can tell you, one place, where all his motivation and drive stems. I know him as Kenny Ray Dulaney. He is my oldest big brother. In the 1983 school year he was a Senior in high school and a wide reciever for the Smithville Seminoles in Monroe County Ms. He wore the Maroon & White for Itawamba's own F. G. Wygul ,which was the Seminoles head Coach. I cant recall all the facts but, as an 8th grader at the time, I will tell you how I remember it. The local radio station for the Amory, Hatley and Smithville area was WZBR "The Zebra". It all started in the old white plank gym about 3rd or 4th period. Chearleaders with their favorite players jersey on and armed with a foot long, 1"round spirit stick that was painted with the school colors. The Stick was awarded to the student, that a particular cheerleader thought, had the most spirit at the Pep Rally. However, I would have to say the game of this day was like no other I would experience in my life time. Ole Miss vs Ms. State or Alabama and Auburn was small compared to the rivalary between The Hatley Tigers and the Smithville Seminoles. The kids got louder and louder as the rally went on. Alot louder than usual. When the bell rung for the end of 3rd and beginning of 4th period, It was time for the students to return to class. But Jerome Casey, Ken, Eddie Fears along with others lead the entire student body on a march to the football field in what seemed like a Vietnam protest march. The kids were chanting and yelling "Beat the Tigers" and singing their favorite cheers in unisome. After school we all returned home to prepare for the big game. As everyone tuned to WZBR the fight continued in the form of dedicated songs from one team to the other. "Let it whip" would be sent to Hatley, Hatley would send back "Abracadabra", Seminoles return with " Another One Bites the Dust" . But without a doubt it was the " The Eye of The Tiger" that was the main theme of the night. I was in the passenger seat of Kenny Ray's Dodge Dart with him at the wheel as it came on the radio. As the song progressed I learned what the "dart" meant in Dodge Dart. Ken mashed the gas and started beating on the dash with the furry of Gangus Kahn. I kept waiting for him to tear his shirt open and display his number 21 like Superman would his letter "S". Now to the game. Im sorry that I cant give you a play by play, and if your reading this and remember it different please leave your comments.
But Coach Wygul was playing a Texas formation at that time with a limited number of players that had to play defense as well as offense. On the lines, and in the trenches, he had Gary Mckinney, Danny"Biscuit" Stanford, Darrin Mckinney, Johny Harper, Eddie Fears and Mike Cantrell. Wide recievers and tight ends were Kenny Dulaney and Eddie Poole. The coach had a five man rotating backfield that included full back Wade Horn, quarter back Chris Boozer, with Ken Williams,Darwin Riggins and Randy Hood. When I arrived at the game it was breathtaking. The Stands were packed and people were 3 to 4 deep surrounding the entire field. From kickoff till the final buzzer,It was an all out brawl with both defenseses shutting down the opposing offense. Blood, sweat, and adrenaline were all you could smell. Crashing plastic and bones along with the determined yell of things like "Killem" from the crowd was all you could hear. In the end Hatley had managed to score 6 points but lacked in the extra point effort. With the teams growing tired the Tigers were held behind the ten yard line in the last minutes of the game. Coach Wygul, as he could do so often, pulled the last bit of effort out of his players and held the Tigers down. With 4th down upon him, Coach Pickle was forced to punt. Like and eruption of a volcano the crowd broke the sound barrier with their cheers. As the punt went in the air Darwin Riggins ripped open his shirt to show his Superman "S" and went airborn to block the punt. As the ball rolled into the endzone a freshman Morris Nun fell on the ball and with the clock running out and a successful extra point. The Seminoles Defeated the Tigers 7-6!

Ken Dulaney lives in Belmont Ms. with his wife Toni Patterson Dulaney, They have four beautiful children Austin Dulaney, Tiffoni Dulaney, Micala Dulaney, and Monique Dulaney. He is the son of Lawrence Lowell Dulaney and Dorothy Beam Moody.

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Thomas Anderson Cleveland & Rhoda Holland

Thomas Anderson Cleveland and Rhoda Holland. Thomas was born on 7-26 1818 the son of Joseph Cleveland-B:1791 in Elbert Co. GA. D: Franklin Co. Al. and Martha (Patsy) Meeks B:1792-D: abt 1850 in Tuscaloosa C0.AL. He was first married to Evaline Sullinger, The daughter of James Sullinger and Sophia Elizabeth Cooley(A choctaw indian daughter of TUSHKAMASHTUBBE). Thomas and Evaline had 9 children-William, Joseph, John D, Thomas Cooley, WL, Martha, Sarah, Jane, and Francis. He married Rhoda Holland, the daughter of Edward and Mary Ann Holland, on 2-23-1858 and had 6 more children (WoW). They were Charles Anderson (Former Sherriff of Itawamba County),Benjamin Andrew ( My GGGrandfather) , James Edward, Lila, and Melvina.Thomas Anderson Cleveland died on 10-6-1873 and is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery, in Vina Al.
Rhoda Holland died 4-05-1908 and is buried at Liberty Cemetery, in Salem Community, Itawamba County. The line runs to me as follows: Thomas Anderson Cleveland, Benjamin Cleveland, Alonzo Cleveland, Lemer Cleveland Beam, Dorothy Beam Moody, Don Dulaney. Special thanks to Mona Mills for helping me with this post.

The Following letter was found online from sources deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed.

Dear Sister Elizabeth:
Yours of the 29th Jan. 1873 finally reached me yesterday . . . which I was glad to see but sorrow to hear of the death of Mr. Boland. Being satisfied that you will get this, I will give you all the satisfaction I can. My own health is very bad, and has been for 10 years. Two years ago I gave up all hope of living, but I finally got up, am still able to see after my business in good weather. My medicine and physician bill caused me to sell where I was living and move to where I now live. Rhoda and the children enjoys very good health except spells Rhoda has at times with her head. I have seven children with me yet and they are every one girls but six which is I think good luck for me because I am not able half my time to work at all. I still have my first wife's two youngest children with me, both boys and nearly grown. Rhody has four boys and one girl and makes a good wife and stepmother. Our baby is going on six years old. My oldest son died in the Rebel Army. My oldest daughter married Wm. B. Armstrong after the war and is now living near Bluffton P.O. Pell County, Ark. My son Joseph is there also and well pleased with the country. My second daughter married a Mr. Stanphill [Daniel Pumphry, Sr.], the husband of one of her aunts, who died and left him three children. My daughter lived to bear twins and died, and the children soon followed her. My first wife's youngest daughter then married Mr. Stanphill. She has three children and is doing very well. Brother Jackson was pressed in the Army and died soon leaving a wife and five children, three girls and two boys. The two youngest girls are living with the grandfather and Mother Sullinger. The old man is still able to work and is doing very well. Brother John was in Miss. at the close of the war, but I have no account of him since. I heard after the war that during the war Bro. Castleton moved back to Tuscaloosa. I have very little about our connection. I am in a poor country. Schools are scarce and badly conducted. Society is not good. Provisions are scarce and high. I made some money after the war, but sickness and other misfortunes has caused me to spend it. We had a hard time during the war, but I stayed home. If I can . . . settle my affairs, I expect to go where the children is next fall. I have no idea that I can live long and I want the balance of the children in a better country. So now I shall close by signing my name as your brother till death. Write soon.
Thomas A. Cleveland and family
to Elizabeth Boland.

1860 census
Thos A Cleveland
Age in 1860:
Birth Year:
abt 1820
Home in 1860:
Western Division, Franklin, Alabama
Post Office:
Household Members:
Thos A Cleveland 40
Rody Cleveland 25
Martha Cleveland 18
Sarah Cleveland 16
Joseph Cleveland 12
Francis Cleveland 9
Thos Cleveland 7
John Cleveland 8
Chas A Cleveland 1

1870 Census
Franklin County, Alabama
Township 8 Range 15
Post Office: Burleson
Thomas A. Cleveland 57 GA farmer, 400/715
Rhody 33 AL
Thomas C 16 AL
John L 12 AL
Charles A 11 AL
Mary M 9 AL
James E 7 AL
Benjamin 5 AL
David A 2 AL

next door:
James Holland 40 AL farmer 300/460
Nancy 40 AL
William P. 13 AL
Sarah E 11 ALNancy J 7 AL
Missouri E 4 AL

John Holland 74 TN farmer 500/300
Elizabeth 72 KY

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The Gentle Giant

Larry Leon Moody, husband of Dorothy Faye Beam Moody, is my, well he is, ok, technically he is my Step Dad. HOWEVER! he is much more than that to me. He has been in my life since I was 10. He gets up and goes to work every morning at 4 and returns at 4. He has always put food on the table, heat in the stove, and put god in my heart, not by words, but by example. He is a prime example of the ole saying, " You dont demand respect, You earn it!" . Im here to tell you he has earned mine. The easiest way for you to understand what Larry is like, is to understand the woman he has lived with for going on 30 years. Now anyone that knows me will tell you quickly what admiration I have for my mother. HOWEVER! Picture this. When Larry gets home from a hard days work all he needs to make him happy is some purple hull peas, fried taters, homemade cornbread, moms fried chicken, cold sweet tea and a box of whoppers or oreos . Then to make his way to his big man recliner, straighten the arm covers, adjust the recliner in the right position, grab his remote and start flipping. Larry loves Mash, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Paula Dean,Emeril, Bill O'rielly, any westerns, and OMG don't forget JOHN WAYNE. If he could ride one time with Rooster Cogburn, he would think he lived a fullfilling life. Be patient Im getting back to mom. Now I have alot of talented people in my life. Judges, Professors, Auctioneers,Pilots and Preachers to name a few. But Larry has a talent that is unequaled. Now back to mom. Heres an example, One night when I was visiting, Larry and I was watching "Rio Bravo" a John Wayne classic. I was on the couch with mom between Larry and I, in her chair. As Mom talked nonstop about the chickens, Larry kept a well timed mixture of Yea, I see, Really, deep chuckle, Hmmm, and persistents nods. All the while with his remote gripped tightly in his right hand talk to me by swirling and pointing motions and landing in periodic points, at specific scenes, in the movie. His left hand gripped his sweet tea and his head was as smooth as a second hand on a Rolex watch, scanning from mom, to me to to the tv. I grew frustrated with mom talking, because I couldnt hear the what Dean Martin was telling Ricky Nelson. But Larry never missed word of moms, or the movie. After the movie was over and a new show started, I started to talk to Larry about how good it was. At this point mom informed both of us that she had been waiting on this show and because of our chattering she couldn't hear a thing. And as Larry nodded off to sleep, as he does nightly, in his chair. Mom proceeded to tell me how much she loved that man.

Larry & Mom live in Belmont ms. Larry is the son of Raymond Moody and Betty Sparks Moody of Belmont Ms. Mom is the Daughter of Samual Carl Beam and Lemer Dessie Cleveland Beam of Salem Community.

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Swaggart Emerged but He once wore Satans horns!

This is a picture of Reverand Lowell Glenn Dulaney. He is now a pastor of Mt. Airy First United Pentecostal Church in Mt. Airy North Carolina. But I knew him when he was a devil in a , not very convincing, angel suit. Here he is sitting at dads desk. He is probably calling mom telling her I got in the top cabinet and got into her choclate baking chips. No! No! He really has developed into a fine moral man. However, I think the credit of his success as a Man of God belongs souly with me! Through me he saw what it would be like to put a guy through hell! LOL. Just to give you one example: He was 8 and I was 7 and we shared a room. Glenn decided that the room needed to be divided up equally. I, being the angel of innocence,went along with his self proclaimed novel Idea. We headed to the Dulaney Backhoe Service tool box and recovered a role of black electrical tape. Along the way Reverend Dulaney explained to me how great it would be for me to have my own space. Convinced of his wisdom I began to see how my big brother was looking out for me. Stretching
the black down the middle of the bed, across the floor, and up both walls was an hour long process but upon completion of the task reality started setting in. The room was evenly divided, there was no doubt of that. However, when I pointed out to Glenn that there was no door on my side, He inpressed me with his wisdom by letting me know how easy the window raised up and down.
Reverend Lowell Glenn Dulaney is the son of Lawrence Lowell Dulaney and Dorothy Beam Moody. He and his wife Charisse have three totally Dulaney Children, Spencer, Brooklyn, and Alisa. They, together, inspire the word of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Mt.Airy United Pentecostal Church in Mt. Airy NC.

MonChiChi and Paycheck

This is my dear little sister Crystal Dulaney Parker and my dad Lawrence Lowell Dulaney. In my mind this picture is a classic example of 1970's culture. In this era I was listening my dad play "Take this Job and shove it!" by Johny Paycheck, "Luckenbach Texas" by Wayon Jennings along with a mix of Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard, Tammy Wynette, and Dads favorite George Jones to name a few. But if you would listen close, real close, in the background you could hear a faint brush of angel wings flying in the mist of Ace Cannon's "Yakety Sax. The heavenly sounds were in the form of a child's Fisher Price record player, playing "London Bridge", a 45 vinyle playing the Disney story "Lady and the Tramp" , or picture of pure beauty and love singing "Mon chi chi Mon chi chi, Oh So very Cuddly", while rattling her plastic pots against her tin kitchen set.
But as the the forces met ,the spirit of angels would overcome the sound of Merle. My dad could walk in wearing the classic 70's silk shirt with 3 buttons down showing his 18",18k gold, rope chain, He wore a 14k gold horse shoe ring with matching belt buckle on a 2"wide leather belt, engraved with roping cowboys ,and "Lowell" on the back. His classic Elvis Hair style, along with his waterproof timex watch ,that was held by 2"wide leather watch, would prove no match for the glow of a childs presence. When Crystal Dawn was lifted to the cheek of her dad there was not enough gold in the world that could outshine her smile. Dressed in a puffy dress and bonnet, or just a cloth diaper, she had the ability captivate your heart.With her totally innocent smile ,witty charm and hair as smooth as corn silk, she took the show.
Lowell is the son of Lawrence Orr Dulaney and Pearl Johnson Dulaney that lived in East Fulton. Crystal is married to a wonderful man Lane Parker. Together they have 2 children, Kara Dawn Parker and Kohlton Lane Parker. The Parkers live in Dennis Ms.

Mentor Of The Heart

This is my mom Dorothy Beam Moody and one of my favorite people in the whole world, her brother, my Uncle Ed Beam. Ed was one of those people that everyone wanted to talk to. He could make you laugh at your lowest moments and a dependable soul when you were in need. Im real big on judging a man by his heart. We tend to judge people on the mistakes they have made or what they may have said or did to us in a specific moment in time. I believe you have to look past the moment and look at a person's heart before we judge. Was their heart filled with meanness or just reacting to life's circumstances? The Bible says forgive 7 x 70. When we pray we ask God to forgive us over and over and over. I feel like we should do the same. Sometimes we have to keep our distance from people to protect ourselves from the dangers or difference of lifestyles. But the heart of a person, no matter what the differences, is where you find truth. Life is to short to miss a moment of time being mad at someone you love. My Uncle Ed Beam, Mom, Granny Lemer Beam, and My Aunt Hazel Harnage is where I learned to be caring, loving, understanding, and have true empathy for others circumstances. I've had a few mentors in my life and they have taught me how to do alot in this world. I lost one of my greatest mentors of the heart, Uncle Ed in January of 2006 in a freak accident. Ed was the son of Carl and Lemer Beam and from the Salem Community.