Friday, February 27, 2009

Dulaney Porch Monkeys!

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Please Help me Identify some of the younger cousins and married names in your comments as well as some of your own memories of that ole porch.
Sitting L-R Sharon Mills holding ?, and hugging ?, Vickie Dulaney Berryhill in wine dress, Charles Berryhill in white shirt squatting, Lawrence Dulaney sitting on the edge of porch with Pearl behind him. Beside them is Frank Dulaney. The kid to the far right is Penn Mills by his dad Mike Mills. To Mike's right is Thomas Dulaney standing by Shirley Mills who is in front of Lowell Dulaney.Beside Shirley is ?, who is in front of Crystal Dulaney. Jody Berryhill is in the blue sweatshirt and Jon Dulaney is directly behind him and Trenda Berryhill is to his right. To Trenda's right is Darlene Mills, then yours truly Don Dulaney in the cap. Directly in front of me is Heather Mills to my left and Allyson Mills to my right. In front of Allyson is Chip Mills in the white shirt holding Mona Mills hand and Rebekah Mills is to Mona's right. NOW! I know Sharon is going to hate me. But I can't recall the boy in the green shirt or the one in the frog shirt. Sorry!
This picture was taken at Lawrence and Pearl Dulaney's 50th wedding anniversary. It was made on the front porch of their house in East Fulton, MS. If you look hard you can see the green swing in the background. Alot of memories were made on that swing. My fondest memory is John Dulaney and Anthony Dulaney, sons of Frank Dulaney, getting the swing going so high, they were able to bust the porch light out.
The windows behind the crowd were raised most of the time in the summer and on the other side you could often find Pearl laying on her back on the couch with a neck pillow under her neck and hands folded up under her chin for an afternoon nap. To the right of the crowd behind Thomas Dulaney, another son of Frank's, is a green rocking lounger. This is where you could find Lawrence taking his afternoon nap. He took the same postion as Pearl with his hands folded under his chin with his head resting on a cushion on one end, and one leg threw over the other end and one on the ground. As you can see oil based paint was a major asset to the Dulaney's. I can proudly say that I took my turn painting the swing and the rocker and for that matter the grey base of the porch.
One thing I really miss is visiting on that ole' porch. It really was a centerpiece of the family gatherings. I'm sure, ALMOST POSITIVE, alot of good cheating techniques for Rook or how to beat Uncle Paul Mills at checkers was cooked up there. Oh and I would like to confess one thing to my fellow Dulaney members. If you would be real slick and raise the porch windows about an inch, no more no less, just short of the top of the back of the couch, you could hear the grownups talk about stuff you shouldn't hear. HEE HEE.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kudzu is PURTY!!!

Back about 10 years ago I got into Black and White photography. I was not very good but really enjoyed seeing things in B & W. I have always been a fan of old black and white movies and as most people know I love old B & W family photos. I also have always been amazed at Kudzu. It is an amazing foilage. The picture above is one of my favorites. It was taken on the side fo 78 hwy near New Albany along with the one below. It was during the winter and I stopped and clicked it on the way to Memphis.

Kudzu-peuraria montana can grow up to a foot a day. It covers over 7 million acres in the U. S. I remember going to my grandpa Lawrence Dulaney's and when you turned off the 25 at East Fulton Church (White Church) on Dulaney Wilemon road, Kudzu covered all the old buildings and hung from dead trees that they had overcome and killed. It is a haven for snakes and all kinds of critters. However its good to stop a hill side for washing away.Cows like to eat it, alot of people hate it, and I would have to agree it is almost impossible to control. It kills and destroys and takes no prisoners. However I just think its PURTY!

Monday, February 23, 2009

"The Genealogy of Jesus Christ"

This is my sister Crystal Dawn Parker in the stripes and my mom Dorothy Beam Moody in the glasses almost blocked by the microphone. If you look real hard from L-R (about the 3rd person) my pop, Larry Moody, is playing the steel guitar.

Matthew, Chapter 1
The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. 2 Abraham became the father of Isaac, Isaac the father of Jacob, Jacob the father of Judah and his brothers and so on. Then later you get to Jesse the father of David the king. David became the father of Solomon, whose mother had been the wife of Uriah and so. Then later you get to Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary. Of her was born Jesus who is called the Messiah. 17 Thus the total number of generations from Abraham to David is fourteen generations; from David to the Babylonian exile, fourteen generations; from the Babylonian exile to the Messiah, fourteen generations.

This is the pastor of the "Gospel Lighthouse" in Tishomingo, MS. Bro. Wm. H. Burcham, Bro. Burcham has been the shepherd for my family for many years. He is about 20 ft. tall and has a heart just as big. Most folks know him as Bro. B, or Bro. Bill.

I have been part of the Pentecostal faith since I was about 10. The first time I went my Uncle Tommy Beam came by to get my mom and us and I did not have any shoes to wear.My uncle made my cousins go without their shoes. I remember sleeping under the pews with the Parker family singing "Stepping on the Clouds" or "There Ain't No Grave" along with others, at the Richmond Pentecostal Church in Richmond, MS, with Bro. Jack Raper as the pastor. Sometimes the service would go way in the night. And yes, they were running the aisles, jumping pews, shouting, anointing people with oil, and jumping around praising the Lord. Now, I have heard a lot of criticism in my life about the improper way the congregation conducts themselves in the Pentecostal Faith with all that jumping around and hollering. But I always looked at it like this: I go to see Ole Miss and Mississipi State in the Egg Bowl you cant hear for the crowd yelling and screaming out of Loyalty for their team. People would cry and scream to all heaven for their love of Elvis Presley at one of his concerts. Why is it not right to yell and scream for my love and loyalty for Jesus?

Second Samuel, 6:14,15: And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

I would like to compliment the women of the faith. Many people think that Pentecostal women believe it is wrong to wear anything other than dresses or skirts, cut their hair, wear makeup, or wear jewelry. That is not the case. They do it to separate themselves from the world and show glory to God. And its not a easy road to go down. For that I have the utmost respect.

Below is a picture of my brother Rev. Glenn Dulaney at "The Sanctuary" in Mt. Airy, NC. where he is the Pastor, performing a baptism.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dulaneys of Itawamba County "Lets get started"

This is the first of what I hope to be many videos. We made these videos on the spur of the moment, so please be kind in your judgement of them. I promise in the future I will be more prepared and improve the quality of the information I present as I learn how to do video. I would like to thank my "Camera Man" and brother Ken Dulaney for taking the time to help me as well as giving me the idea. These first videos are dedicated to Mona Mills for getting me started Blogging. So let the "Dulaney's of Itawamba County" tour begin.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thomas Lonzo Cleveland & Bessie Taylor Cleveland

Thomas "Lonzo" Cleveland, (B: 8-17-189o/D:12-26-1942)

Bessie Taylor Cleveland (B:1-28-1896/D: 8-17,1981),

Lonzo Cleveland was a sawmiller most of his life ,as well as a sharecropper. He raised crops on the old Massey place of Marietta Ms. and Mini Googe place of Marietta. Ms. He and Bessie were both Baptists and good devout believers in Jesus Christ.

My visit with 3 of their 12 children (Lena, Ruby and Ruble) gave me a lot of insight. They absolutely loved their parents. "They were the best parents a child could ask for" Ruble said. "We were poor but happy", "We made our on butter, got milk from a cow, hogs for bacon and had chickens for eggs" She went on to say. Ruby recalled " Mommi would fry eggs and make sawmill gravy from corn we had milled, and grease from lard she used to fry the meat". and Lener learned to make Mommi's homemade biscuits. Their clothes were made by Mommi and washed on a rub board, with all the kids doing there part. They drew water from a well or a creek for washing and drinking.

Lonzo had a stroke ( the second of 2) while plowing in the fields, on the Mini Googe place, in August of 1942. He died of the stroke in December of the same year. Lonzo and Bessie are buried at Massey Cemetery on the old Massey Farm, in Marietta Ms.

Lonzo was the son of Benjeman Cleveland & Sally Pearson Cleveland, of the Salem Community, Itawamba Mississippi.They are buried at Liberty Cemetery in Salem Community, Itawamba, Mississippi. Bessie Taylor Cleveland Is the Daughter of Vaston Taylor & Sendy Lou Orear Taylor of Ryans Well community.They are buried at Sandy Springs cemetery ,at Sandy Springs Church ,in Ryans Well. Ms.
Benjamin was the son of Thomas Anderson Cleveland & Rhoda Holland of Salem Community, Itawamba Ms. Thomas Is buried at Ebenezer Cemetery,at Ebenezer Church, in Vina Al. Rhoda is buried at Liberty Cemetery in Salem Community, Itawamba Mississippi.

The Line is as follows. Thomas Anderson Cleveland- Benjamin Andrew Cleveland- Thomas Lonzo Cleveland- Lemer Dessie Cleveland Beam- Dorothy Beam Moody- Don Dulaney

(Thomas Lonzo's father and grandfather are in earlier post of this blog.)

1920 United States Federal Census
Name: Lonnie Cleveland [Lonnie Clastaned]
Home in 1920: Towery’s Store, Itawamba, Mississippi
Age: 26 Years
Estimated Birth Year [abt. 1894} abt. 1884
Birthplace: Mississippi
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse’s Name: Bessie
Fathers Birthplace: Alabama
Mother’s Birthplace: Mississippi
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Male
Home Owned: Rent
Able to Read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 890
Household Members: Name: Age:
Lonnie Cleveland 26
Bessie Cleveland 24
Ernie Cleveland 6 8/12
Roy Cleveland 5 2/12
Wheeler Cleveland 1 11/12
Lena Cleveland 1 12

1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Thomas L. Cleveland
Home in 1930: Beat 5, Itawamba, Ms
Age: 36
Estimated Birth: abt. 1894
Birthplace: Mississippi
Relation to Head of House: Head
Spouse Name: Bessie
Race: White
Household Members Name Age
Thomas L Cleveland 36
Bessie Cleveland 33
Earny Barrett 17
Roy C Cleveland 15
Wheeler Cleveland 12
Lena L Cleveland 10
Lema D Cleveland 8
Retha L Cleveland 6
Vernon H Cleveland 4
Ruble A Cleveland 1

WW1 Civilian Draft Registration
Name: Cleveland, Thomas Lonzo
Birth Date: 17 Aug, 1893
Birth Place: Fulton, Ms
City/County Itawamba
State: Ms.
Ethnicity: W

WW1 Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918
Name: Thomas Lonzo Cleveland
City: Not Stated
County: Itawamba
State: Mississippi
Birthplace: Mississippi, United States of America
Birth date: 17, Aug, 1893
Race: Caucasion
Roll: 168296
Draft Board: 0

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reflecting on the Past.

Since I began researching my family history, one of the largest rewards is having the opportunity get to know my extended family. Today's culture tends to migrate away from extended family. A sense of where you come from is not as important to today's generation, as it once was. Recently I had the priviledge to spend the afternoon with cousins of the generation before me, to discuss our heritage and reflect on the past. In the picture above we are at Mt. Pleasant cemetery in East Fulton. Pictured (from left to right) are brothers David and Larry Dulaney , sons of Melvin Dulaney. Melvin was my grandfather, Lawrence Dulaney's, brother. Beside them is Jimmy Dale Dulaney, son of Clester "Cotton" Dulaney, another brother of Lawrence and Melvin. The guys are standing in front of four more of there father's siblings, Vada Dulaney, Clarence Dulaney,Vida Dulaney Wilemon and Floyd Wilemon, and James Elgar Dulaney. Our group's Grandparents, Jim Dulaney & Laura Bertha Warren Dulaney, are buried next to them. While at Mt. Pleasant we also visited their Great Grandparents, Thomas "Bunt Tom" Alfred Dulaney and Alice Moxley Dulaney, as well as their Great Great Grandparents ,J.M. Dulaney and Mary Senter Dulaney. We then took a moment to discuss their Great Great Great Grandparents, John Dulaney and Margret Martin Dulaney, which are buried in Baldwin Ms. However, they did get a chance to see John's brothers, Gilbert Dulaney and Alfred Dulaney's, graves. John, Alfred, and Gilbert, along with their mother Rhoda Thrasher, were among the very first white men to come to Itawamba County. Before leaving Mt. Pleasant we visited one more set of the guy'sGreat Grandparents, John Ed Warren and Sarah Holcomb. John and Sara were the parents of Laura Bertha Warren Dulaney. Before the end of a wonerful visit, we went to the private grave of S.J Warren, John Ed Warren's Grandfather, and one of the first major land holders in the county. I got to hear a grand story about "Serenading", a popular past time of our gangs childhood. The story deserves a posting in itself and it's tale Im looking forward telling, in the near future. Then a visit to Palmetto Cemetery ended the first, of what I hope is many, reflections on the past. Special thanks to my cousins for a great afternoon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She outshines Betty Davis upon the Silver Screen

This I my mom, Dorothy "Dot" Beam Moody born 7-11-1948. She was birthed at home by a midwife and Dr. Tubb . In this photo she was about 14. She met my dad soon after and had 3 children by the time she was 20 and another by the time she was 27. She cooked 3 meals a day.(real country cooking), raised a garden, made our clothes, spread gravel for my dad, brought in the wood for the fire place, milked the cows, fed the hogs and chickens, and played doctor, to name just a few hats she wore. She has competed with the big businessmen in her ownership of restaurants and country stores. And for the record she won every battle. But I can say even though she worked tirelessly all her life, she never lost her smile or her huge loving heart. I found out lately that she came by her morals honestly, her family is unbelievable. Once I came in from my travels to visit and could not find her in the house. I decided I would help her by washing her dishes. About that time her pastor called and, as I began looking for her, I took the opportunity to brag on myself for washing moms dishes for her. When I found mom it was kinda embarassing to tell the preacher that she was changing the oil in the car while I was doing dishes. But don't get me wrong in a crowd of classy women, she outshines the most elegant of Stars. Through all the hard times in my life, as well as my siblings, she remains the rock that we all lean on. I want to compete just a second with my good friend Mona Mills. She has lately posted stories on her blog "Itawamba Connections" about Beck's fried chicken and cornbread. I am sure the women in her family are awesome cooks, but NO, NO! My mom Makes the VERY VERY best fried chicken in the world. And her cornbread recipe was past down from Jesus Christ himself. So I would like to challenge Ms. Mona or Mr. Mike to a fried chicken contest with an unbiased panel of judges. Anyway back to mom. Dot is married to Larry Leon Moody of Belmont, and is the daughter of Samual Carl Beam and Lemer Cleveland Beam of the Salem Community. She has 5 children, Kenny Ray Dulaney, Lowell Glenn Dulaney, Donald Carl Dulaney, Jennifer Lynn Moody and Crystal Dawn Dulaney Parker. She has 10 grandchildren. She is a dedicated member of the Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church, where she is loved by every member.