Friday, January 16, 2009

Swaggart Emerged but He once wore Satans horns!

This is a picture of Reverand Lowell Glenn Dulaney. He is now a pastor of Mt. Airy First United Pentecostal Church in Mt. Airy North Carolina. But I knew him when he was a devil in a , not very convincing, angel suit. Here he is sitting at dads desk. He is probably calling mom telling her I got in the top cabinet and got into her choclate baking chips. No! No! He really has developed into a fine moral man. However, I think the credit of his success as a Man of God belongs souly with me! Through me he saw what it would be like to put a guy through hell! LOL. Just to give you one example: He was 8 and I was 7 and we shared a room. Glenn decided that the room needed to be divided up equally. I, being the angel of innocence,went along with his self proclaimed novel Idea. We headed to the Dulaney Backhoe Service tool box and recovered a role of black electrical tape. Along the way Reverend Dulaney explained to me how great it would be for me to have my own space. Convinced of his wisdom I began to see how my big brother was looking out for me. Stretching
the black down the middle of the bed, across the floor, and up both walls was an hour long process but upon completion of the task reality started setting in. The room was evenly divided, there was no doubt of that. However, when I pointed out to Glenn that there was no door on my side, He inpressed me with his wisdom by letting me know how easy the window raised up and down.
Reverend Lowell Glenn Dulaney is the son of Lawrence Lowell Dulaney and Dorothy Beam Moody. He and his wife Charisse have three totally Dulaney Children, Spencer, Brooklyn, and Alisa. They, together, inspire the word of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Mt.Airy United Pentecostal Church in Mt. Airy NC.


Glenn Dulaney said...

It is amazing how ones memory fades as he grows older. The tape only ran up one wall and that window was plenty big. I am not sure that Swaggart is one I feel great confidence in being compared to. I hope and pray to NOT be like him but I am sure the intention was good. Thanks, GD

Mona Robinson Mills said...

So, a little peak into Glenn's formative years. Don, I'm sure you were the innocent little brother, right? Keep the memories coming.

Dot said...

Well, all I can say is "memories do fade when we get older, but then, Mothers just seem to remember more than the kids do.especially the good stuff.

Keep it up. Maybe I'll learn some old secrets, LOL --Love Ya!