Friday, January 30, 2009


This Is Ken Dulaney, Sales and Marketing Manager for Alliance Collection Agency in Tupelo Ms. He is, no doubt, a professional in his field that strives daily to excell. I believe I can tell you, one place, where all his motivation and drive stems. I know him as Kenny Ray Dulaney. He is my oldest big brother. In the 1983 school year he was a Senior in high school and a wide reciever for the Smithville Seminoles in Monroe County Ms. He wore the Maroon & White for Itawamba's own F. G. Wygul ,which was the Seminoles head Coach. I cant recall all the facts but, as an 8th grader at the time, I will tell you how I remember it. The local radio station for the Amory, Hatley and Smithville area was WZBR "The Zebra". It all started in the old white plank gym about 3rd or 4th period. Chearleaders with their favorite players jersey on and armed with a foot long, 1"round spirit stick that was painted with the school colors. The Stick was awarded to the student, that a particular cheerleader thought, had the most spirit at the Pep Rally. However, I would have to say the game of this day was like no other I would experience in my life time. Ole Miss vs Ms. State or Alabama and Auburn was small compared to the rivalary between The Hatley Tigers and the Smithville Seminoles. The kids got louder and louder as the rally went on. Alot louder than usual. When the bell rung for the end of 3rd and beginning of 4th period, It was time for the students to return to class. But Jerome Casey, Ken, Eddie Fears along with others lead the entire student body on a march to the football field in what seemed like a Vietnam protest march. The kids were chanting and yelling "Beat the Tigers" and singing their favorite cheers in unisome. After school we all returned home to prepare for the big game. As everyone tuned to WZBR the fight continued in the form of dedicated songs from one team to the other. "Let it whip" would be sent to Hatley, Hatley would send back "Abracadabra", Seminoles return with " Another One Bites the Dust" . But without a doubt it was the " The Eye of The Tiger" that was the main theme of the night. I was in the passenger seat of Kenny Ray's Dodge Dart with him at the wheel as it came on the radio. As the song progressed I learned what the "dart" meant in Dodge Dart. Ken mashed the gas and started beating on the dash with the furry of Gangus Kahn. I kept waiting for him to tear his shirt open and display his number 21 like Superman would his letter "S". Now to the game. Im sorry that I cant give you a play by play, and if your reading this and remember it different please leave your comments.
But Coach Wygul was playing a Texas formation at that time with a limited number of players that had to play defense as well as offense. On the lines, and in the trenches, he had Gary Mckinney, Danny"Biscuit" Stanford, Darrin Mckinney, Johny Harper, Eddie Fears and Mike Cantrell. Wide recievers and tight ends were Kenny Dulaney and Eddie Poole. The coach had a five man rotating backfield that included full back Wade Horn, quarter back Chris Boozer, with Ken Williams,Darwin Riggins and Randy Hood. When I arrived at the game it was breathtaking. The Stands were packed and people were 3 to 4 deep surrounding the entire field. From kickoff till the final buzzer,It was an all out brawl with both defenseses shutting down the opposing offense. Blood, sweat, and adrenaline were all you could smell. Crashing plastic and bones along with the determined yell of things like "Killem" from the crowd was all you could hear. In the end Hatley had managed to score 6 points but lacked in the extra point effort. With the teams growing tired the Tigers were held behind the ten yard line in the last minutes of the game. Coach Wygul, as he could do so often, pulled the last bit of effort out of his players and held the Tigers down. With 4th down upon him, Coach Pickle was forced to punt. Like and eruption of a volcano the crowd broke the sound barrier with their cheers. As the punt went in the air Darwin Riggins ripped open his shirt to show his Superman "S" and went airborn to block the punt. As the ball rolled into the endzone a freshman Morris Nun fell on the ball and with the clock running out and a successful extra point. The Seminoles Defeated the Tigers 7-6!

Ken Dulaney lives in Belmont Ms. with his wife Toni Patterson Dulaney, They have four beautiful children Austin Dulaney, Tiffoni Dulaney, Micala Dulaney, and Monique Dulaney. He is the son of Lawrence Lowell Dulaney and Dorothy Beam Moody.


Ken Dulaney said...

Ok, that is waaaaay too much information! I am referring to the picture of course. Couldn't you have left that out? There goes my reputation.

I can only say that your memory of that game is a little different than mine but still accurate as far as I can tell. I will say this, Darwyn and Morris have burned images in my mind until I die. Dang, that was a good day.

As usual, very well done, well written and fun to read. Thanks very much for taking the time to write it down. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did..

Thank you!


CLiKK said...

Believe it or not, I remember that! It remains in my mind as a "battle" of songs that afternoon down on Main Street, Smithville...LOL

Ken Dulaney said...

Correction: Ken's youngest daughter's name is Monique. LOL

Don Dulaney said...

Thanks guys. Im glad you enjoyed it. Im sure I probably have some facts wrong. but thats the way it will always be in my mind. Thanks for reading.

Mona Robinson Mills said...

What great story you wove, Don. You kept the suspense up, and I couldn't wait to find out who won the game!

Mona Robinson Mills said...

OH, and love the title!

driggan7 said...

Thats a good article,Brings back very fond memories that i will cherish forever,Pretty accurate for someone who was only bout 14 yrs old at the time. That game lingers in alot of folks minds, believe it or not.I believe there was 6 seconds left on the clock when that went down and Eddie Poole kicked the extra point. Everyone on that noles team felt like they were on top of the world that night and everyone dressed in maroon and white(fight,fight,fight)were heroes in my book. Ken's looking like "Grease Lighting" minus the cig in that pic. Thanks for the mem's, D.Riggan