Saturday, January 31, 2009

Benjamin Cleveland & Sallie Pearson

Benjamin Andrew Cleveland, son of Thomas Anderson Cleveland and Rhoda Holland,was born Oct. 15,1862 (the beginning of the Civil War) and died Oct. 30, 1942 ( The beginning of WW2). He married Sarah "Sally" Pearson on Oct. 4, 1888. Sally was the daughter of Beanie Pearson and Kizar Johnson, she was born May 18, 1867 and died Oct. 1919. Bennie and Sally are buried at Liberty Cemetary in Salem Community, Itawamba Ms.

Benjamin Cleveland owned a sizeable amount of land in Salem Community, Itawamba County Miss. He was farmer and a store owner and merchant. His country store was located on old old 25(Iuka Fulton Road) on the ridge in Salem Community. Ben also married Martha Conwill . The line to me runs as follows: Benjamin Cleveland, Alonzo Cleveland, Lemer Cleveland Beam, Dorothy Beam Moody, Don Dulaney

Ben & Sallie Children.

Andrew, Alonzo "Lonnie", Luther (twin), Lucy (twin) (Cleveland) Cromeans, Dolphus A., Aaron, Floyd, Bell, Edgar, Dewey

1910 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Towery Store precinct
Ben C. Cleveland 44 AL NC AL farmer, married 21 years
Sally A. MS MS MS, married 21 years, 9 children, 9 living
Andrew G. 20 MS son, single
Lonzo 17 MS son

Luther 14 MS son

Lucy 14 MS daughter
Dolphus A. 12 MS son
Floyd W. 10 MS son
Davey C. 7 MS son
Aaron 4 MS son
Belle 1 MS daughter

1920 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Towery's Store precinct
Ben A. Cleveland 54 AL SC AL farmer, owns land
Martha 50 MS SC GA wife
Floyd 19 MS son
Dewey 16 MS son
Aaron 13 MS son
Belle 11 MS daughter
Floyd Conwill 10 MS stepson

1930 Census
Itawamba County, Mississippi
Beat 1
Aaron H. Cleveland 24 MS AL MS, farmer, married at age 22
Eamer L. 26 MS MS MS wife, married at age 26
Clois W. 11 mo. MS daughter
Ben. A. Cleveland 64 AL GA GA divorced, first married at age 24, retail merchant, general store
Roy C. Cleveland 16 MS MS MS nephew, single, farm laborer


Mona Robinson Mills said...

Interesting observation about his being born just before the Civil War and dying just before WWII. What an amazing piece of history he saw in his lifetime.

Dot said...

i've known Floyd Conwill all my life almost. Never knew where he was connected or even that he was related! I should have known tho. 99% of all Ita. Co. was related to me someway. Gettin plum scury!!!!

Don Dulaney said...

I didnt even put 2 and 2 together about Floyd. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. And thanks for letting everyone know that your truely a Country gal. LOL. "Scury".