Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Gentle Giant

Larry Leon Moody, husband of Dorothy Faye Beam Moody, is my, well he is, ok, technically he is my Step Dad. HOWEVER! he is much more than that to me. He has been in my life since I was 10. He gets up and goes to work every morning at 4 and returns at 4. He has always put food on the table, heat in the stove, and put god in my heart, not by words, but by example. He is a prime example of the ole saying, " You dont demand respect, You earn it!" . Im here to tell you he has earned mine. The easiest way for you to understand what Larry is like, is to understand the woman he has lived with for going on 30 years. Now anyone that knows me will tell you quickly what admiration I have for my mother. HOWEVER! Picture this. When Larry gets home from a hard days work all he needs to make him happy is some purple hull peas, fried taters, homemade cornbread, moms fried chicken, cold sweet tea and a box of whoppers or oreos . Then to make his way to his big man recliner, straighten the arm covers, adjust the recliner in the right position, grab his remote and start flipping. Larry loves Mash, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Paula Dean,Emeril, Bill O'rielly, any westerns, and OMG don't forget JOHN WAYNE. If he could ride one time with Rooster Cogburn, he would think he lived a fullfilling life. Be patient Im getting back to mom. Now I have alot of talented people in my life. Judges, Professors, Auctioneers,Pilots and Preachers to name a few. But Larry has a talent that is unequaled. Now back to mom. Heres an example, One night when I was visiting, Larry and I was watching "Rio Bravo" a John Wayne classic. I was on the couch with mom between Larry and I, in her chair. As Mom talked nonstop about the chickens, Larry kept a well timed mixture of Yea, I see, Really, deep chuckle, Hmmm, and persistents nods. All the while with his remote gripped tightly in his right hand talk to me by swirling and pointing motions and landing in periodic points, at specific scenes, in the movie. His left hand gripped his sweet tea and his head was as smooth as a second hand on a Rolex watch, scanning from mom, to me to to the tv. I grew frustrated with mom talking, because I couldnt hear the what Dean Martin was telling Ricky Nelson. But Larry never missed word of moms, or the movie. After the movie was over and a new show started, I started to talk to Larry about how good it was. At this point mom informed both of us that she had been waiting on this show and because of our chattering she couldn't hear a thing. And as Larry nodded off to sleep, as he does nightly, in his chair. Mom proceeded to tell me how much she loved that man.

Larry & Mom live in Belmont ms. Larry is the son of Raymond Moody and Betty Sparks Moody of Belmont Ms. Mom is the Daughter of Samual Carl Beam and Lemer Dessie Cleveland Beam of Salem Community.


CLiKK said...

That's a nice story, Don.. I noticed on your favorite book, you've got The Count Of Monte Cristo.... You should share THAT story... about how you read it....hmmm?? j/k..

Dot said...

Don't believe a word of the story of the tv shows!!LOL. The one about the Hubby, Well--- I do Love that man!!Also, I reallllly appreciate the honor you showed him in this blog. Thank You!!
Keep it up. You're doing a GREAT Job!

Kara online said...

Hey uncle don, sup. i read the thing with the picture of mawmaws house. Your baby Kara

Kara online said...

i also read "the gentle giant" i liked it.