Sunday, March 8, 2009

Faulkner In the Making!!

This is the first thing I ever wrote.
I was in the Second Grade at Smithville Elementary.
It had come a big snow that day.
The year was 1976
I should have stopped then!!!!
Click on picture to read!


Ken Dulaney said...

Sounds like a John Lee Hooker song to me. Put it to music man! LOL

Thanks for sharing that.

Kirk Robinson said...
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Kirk Robinson said...

Can't stop writing now,Don!We have to learn a bit more from the Dulaney's!LOL

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Don, I had no idea that you were a poet. What a cute little boy.

Lindsay B said...

What a cute little girl! Who is she, again?

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Love the poetry. You are pretty good! I really chuckled at the images of being "cold til I die!"
Thanks for sharing that, Don.

Kara online said...

LOL!!! soooo cute!!! love the writing!!!! is that when granny was praying that it would NOT snow?? (mom told me) well ttyl.

CLiKK said...

Nice... you did good, brother, dear, only,,,, whatever happened to that neat handwriting?

Barry Hinton said...

Don, great job! My Grandmother was Etress Dulaney, sister to Burgess(Bill), Nina, and Coy.. I can remember the log cabin my Great "Uncle Bill"(Burgess) lived in. I think it may still exist, but is covered in clap boards at present, unsure.. I was told that the Dulaney Branch area was granted to the Dulaney family by a President during the American Expansion.. Interesting history for sure!