Saturday, March 7, 2009

" Gonna Getcha ! "


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Samual Carl Beam 1952

This is my Grandpa Beam. This picture was taken in Steele Mo. in 1952. Grandpa was from the Salem community in Itawamba County Ms. He took his family to Missouri to look for work and settled in a tenant house and worked on a farm there. I personally love this picture of Carl because it reflects a personality that has been passed down to his decendants. He was a very loving and friendly person. The old saying "He would give you the shirt of his back" fit Carl perfectly. He was always ready to help his family and friends in need. He set a standard of family unity that survives today in his children and grandchildren.-

Lemer Dessie Cleveland, Samual Carl Beam, Meardy Beam, Clancie Beam, Dorothy"Dot"Beam Moody & James Beam

When the family was in Missouri, the favorite past time after a hard days work in the fields was sitting under the big oak trees, in an area of the yard where there was no grass. Unlike today grass was a haven for ticks, fleas, and snakes. So most yards were bare dirt. Carls family and brothers and sister's families loved making music, and smoking hand twisted Prince Albert tobacco.With the sound and smell of clothes that were washed on a rubboard flapping in the night breeze, they would sit in ladder back chairs with seats that were hand woven with seagrass strings. I can just see Carl getting up and laying his fiddle on a piece of stove wood turned on its side to make a stool, to take a sipp, from a tin laddle of water drawn from the well or wash his face from a granite wear pan. And on the way to the well reaching down to one of the rugrats and grabbing them and saying.

" Gonna Getcha ! "

Samual Carl Beam was married to Lemer Dessie Cleveland. He was the son of Thomas Edgar Beam and Minni Johnson. He was the Grandson of

Elija Fiester Beam & Rowena Lacky. Carl and Lemer are buried in the at the Salem Cemetery at the

Salem Baptist Church in the Salem community.


Mona Robinson Mills said...

Beautiful tribute to your family, Don. Loved it, and loved the Gonna Getcha title too.

Dot said...

Well Done!! Sure does bring back memories. By the way, I was the little girl in the photo under the trees, in the seagrass bottom chairs, in the photo.

Ken Dulaney said...

What a perfect post. Man that is great! Awesome job as usual. Mom looked like a little stinker didn't she? LOL

Kirk Robinson said...

Very nice, Don.

Bob Franks said...

A really good post Don. You have a gift for producing what I call "pen pictures" - olden times brought to life by the written word. And the photo of the family in front of the clothes line is simply a classic.

Judith Richards Shubert said...

This brings back so many memories of my childhood. There are so many untold stories out there. Families like your Grandpa Carl's built this country. And most of us enjoyed evenings just like those that you describe. Thanks, Don.

Kara online said...

WOWIE WOW WOW!!!nice to know.... btw, you spelled heaven wrong...LOL ( that's how it's spelled right) LOL
love ya!!!!

Don Dulaney said...

Judith thanks so much for stopping by my blog. And thanks for the comments. Please come back

Don Dulaney said...

Thanks Bob and thanks for your comments. you are so Kind. Thanks for your interest!