Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 Dulaneys- 20 Crappie!!

Please click picture for more visible veiw!
Richard Nathaniel "Nate" Dulaney
Charles Franklin "Frank" Dulaney
When I first saw this picture I could have swore it was a still shot of the Andy Griffin Show. I wasn't sure who the guy in the overalls was, but I was sure the guy in the straw hat was Howard Sprague. However, Mrs Nate Dulaney of the Mt. Pleasant community informed me that it was her husband Nate Dulaney and my Uncle Frank Dulaney. I spent the day with her and what a sweet woman she is.
I started asking around about Mr. Nate and it soon become evident that he was admired in all of Northeast Miss, as one of the best Crappie fisherman around. He was also one of the friendliest people around, per a number of testimonies. Once I got the picture I sent it to my Uncle Frank and asked him about it. Once I convinced him not to sue me for posting a picture like that of him, he cooperated and told me about his fishing trips with Mr. Nate.
"We fished at Pick Wick Lake and Yellow Creek for Crappie, he was part of the Dulaney Clan of the Mt. Pleasant community and I grew up around him. I was around 21 years old. Nathanial was the best crappie fisherman and a very serious fisherman" Frank said. He continued "I only got to go with him 2 or 3 times because everyone wanted to fish with Nate and it was a treat".
Uncle Frank said he believed that Nate had the first outboard gasoline motor in Itawamba county and dared to say that he had his picture in the Itawamba times more than any one else of that time. I believe this picture was taken just for that cause. Look at the Library in the background.
John Dulaney and his 2 brothers Gilbert and Alfred was the original Dulaneys in Itawamba county. John's son James M Dulaney and Mary Senter (daughter of Alfred Aven Senter) had a number of children, 2 of which were Thomas Alfred Dulaney and Richard Nathanial Dulaney. Thomas and Richard married 2 Daughters of H.T Moxley, Thomas to Alice and Richard to Matti. Thomas had a son named James Henry Dulaney who married Laura Bertha Warren (granddaughter of SJ Warren) and Richard had a son named Richard "Nate" Dulaney.
James Henry Dulaney had a son named Lawrence Orr Dulaney then he had a son named Charles Franklin Dulaney.


Arvel said...

Reckon ol' Frank still has the hat?

Don Dulaney said...

Yea he is retired now. It would be considered Cool. LOL

Mona Robinson Mills said...

Man, I wish I had a mess of crappie to eat. Can't remember when the last time I had any.

Ken Dulaney said...

Oh to catch even one crappie that size. Man I bet Uncle Frank was "stoked"!

Absolutely fantastic photo! Wow.

Glenn Dulaney said...

Your so right Don. Looks just like a Mayberry shot. Believe me, I would know.