Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three Dulaney Brothers - Our Original Itawambians

The three Dulaney brothers of John, Alfred and Gilbert arrived in Itawamba County around 1833 along with their mother, Rhoda Thrasher Dulaney, widow of Thomas. John, the oldest brother, was born in South Carolina while Alfred and Gilbert both were born in Tennessee. In addition to their sons, Thomas and Rhoda had two daughters, Elizabeth and Nancy. Thomas and Rhoda were South Carolina natives who married about 1802 and moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee before 1808.

In Tennessee, we find records of Thomas serving as a constable and as a captain of the 2nd Regiment of the Tennessee Militia. Following the War of 1812, Thomas and Rhoda moved their family to Alabama where family legend indicates that Thomas was killed in 1829 when his gun accidentally discharged while visiting relatives in St. Clair County.

In 1830, the census shows the family living in Marion County, Alabama. Land patent records indicate that they were living near present-day Detroit in Lamar County. Shortly thereafter, Rhoda Thrasher Dulaney, her children, and their families moved just across the state line to land that would become part of Itawamba County.

The three Dulaney brothers have hundreds of descendents in Itawamba County today. Their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren intermarried with many families, including McNeece, Senter, Wilemon, Chilcoat, Johnson, Moxley, Brown, Hood, Tucker, Robinson and many other Itawamba families. We hope that you will join us for a reunion of these descendants on August 29, 2009 at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church south of Fulton.


Kara online said...

Nice...... Do we have elders that lived in England and were some of the first people to come to America??? Or have you not got that far????

Anonymous said...

There was a family of Dulaneys who were very early settlers to Maryland, from England, but we've been unable to make a positive connection to that family. We're trying though! Mona